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[in the middle of the night]

niall: hey bro….wake up

harry: what do you want

niall: hey….can you get me a glass of water

harry: no wtf…..its like 4 am

niall: i was born with glass bones and paper skin…. every morning i break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms….

niall: at night, i lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep

harry: fuck…okay……..fuck

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y’all remember that game in elementary school where each person would say one word and the next person would say a word etc so it’d create a cohesive story? let’s do that:







well playtime is over you’re all grounded

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talk about perspective. shit.

Fucking hell.

I remember the first time I saw a map of Africa to scale. My jaw dropped.




talk about perspective. shit.

Fucking hell.

I remember the first time I saw a map of Africa to scale. My jaw dropped.

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Anonymous inquired:

Do you know any fics where the pack takes care off Stiles when he's sick or hurt? Love your blog by the way!


Angsty here 2 give u the 411 on the sick and injured Stiles front, yo. Lyke OMG what an awesome thing 2 ask 4. Thnx 4 totes lyking us alot. It means alot 2 us! 

(MUAHAHAHAHA Fluffy has officially hijacked Angsty’s post. As in, Angsty is really crazy super busy right now, [we both are] but I had some free time and Angsty begged me to take these fics that I found and post them for you. So here I am, ruining Angsty’s reputation as a grammatical law abiding citizen.)

Sleep and Feel Better. by 

(781 I Not Rated (Fluffy says General Audiences) I Complete)

Stiles never got sick.
Never ever.

But the Black Plague was a Classic by 

(1,665 I Not Rated (Fluffy says General Audiences) I Complete)

Stiles never missed pack meetings. Never.

Especially on Fridays when they could all stay a little later since it wasn’t a school night (though the only person who imposed curfews on school nights was Stiles himself) and Stiles would force them all to watch the latest action hero movie or a cheesy classic (“They’re called classics for a reason. You’re basically obligated to see them. I don’t even need a better reason than because they’re classics.”) and the “meeting” would basically dissolve into a pile of limbs centered more or less around the sofa.

It was Friday.

So where the fuck was Stiles?

Pancakes Wait for No Man—Er, Wolf by 

(1,798 I General Audiences I Complete)

Stiles can’t miss pancake day. Even if he’s sick.

Show You (what all that howl is for) by 

(2,245 I Teen and Up I Part One of Wolf Like Me Series I Complete)

"Do you even know why a wolf howls? It’s a signal. When a wolf’s alone, it howls to signal its location to the rest of the pack."
The whole situation bothers Derek more than it should. It’s just - it’s just Stiles. Who cares if he shows up to training or not - he’s not pack.

He is not pack.

I Can Try to Fix You by 

(2,703 I Teen and Up I Complete)

"Its Scott who smells it first. Stiles’ scent is different. Different in the way that has his heartbeat racing and palms sweating. Different in the way that pricks up the hairs on the back of his neck and scares him deep down to the core."

Don’t Go (Where I Can’t Follow) by e

(2,965 I Mature I Complete)

Stiles doesn’t have much time left. He’s not dying, exactly, but he knows it’s coming. Partner that with having Laura Hale for a reaper, hunters, and a newly found relationship with Derek, Stiles isn’t exactly sure how his last few months will play out.

Where would my pack be with out me? by 

(5,307 I Not Rated (Fluffy says General Audiences) I WIP)

Stiles is sick, not the deathly kind of sick, but the kind of sick where all you want to do is take a large dose of medcine and sleep through it, which is what Stiles plans to do. The pack think a few days without Stiles playing ‘pack mom’ will be fine, they might get some nice peace without him. Boy were they wrong.

I take it in (but don’t look down) by 

(5,641 I Teen and Up I Complete)

It’s been a long while since anyone’s taken watch over him constantly while sick. So, this here? Stiles feels like he should be a lot more uncomfortable with it than he is.

It’s just… nice, for a change. Even if it is Derek.

Or is it inspite of the fact that it’s Derek?

Changing My Spots by 

(10,971 I Teen and Up I Complete)

Stiles manages to catch the chicken pox. He also manages to catch a boyfriend, but that kind of supersedes the story. The very itchy, scratchy story.

Run Little Red Fox by 

(18,483 I Teen and Up I Complete)

Fox!Stiles. Living on the run might not have been the best way to survive, but when you’re a Werefox with no family and no friends, what other choice do you have? Narrowly escaping hunters, getting mixed up in a war with alphas, Stiles is positive that life is out to get him. The weird vet is convinced that Stiles will be able to help defeat the alphas and protect the pack, but what can one injured Werefox do against a pack of murdering alphas?

Like Mother, Like Son by 

(30,790 I Mature I WIP)

Stiles has been fighting a battle on his own for the last 8 years. His mom lost the battle, but Stiles still fights. He ignores his weaknesses in order to help his friends to survive against the supernatural, but what happens when the werewolves can smell his sickness?

Tags will be updated as the story progresses. Rated Mature for future chapters.

*Not a death fic* :)

Never thought by 

(31,830 I Not Rated (Fluffy says Teen and Up) I Complete)

This is the story of Stiles Stilinski being awesome with the rest of the pack. After the alpha pack has left, new things come to town. She never would have thought it would become like this.

Madness and Magnetism by 

(66,812 I Teen and Up I WIP)

"No, this can’t be happening. I refuse for us to be Romeo and Juliet. No. It’s not happening. No. So just stop. If you don’t wipe that smirk off your face, I’ll kill you. I mean it!" Stiles stared down at Derek, who just rolled his eyes.

"Yeah because that worked out so well last time."

A hunter!AU were Stiles is born into the Argent family, and does not live up to the hunting prowess of his older twin, Allison. In an attempt to prove himself to his family, Stiles sets out take down the most vicious alpha of the area, Derek Hale. Through Stiles’ bumbling attempts to kill Derek, and Derek’s mocking banter, the hunt turns to a game and enemies turn to something more.

Shadows that follow you by 

(91,384 I Mature I Complete)

Sick of Stiles’ lying about what he’s been upto, and worried about him in the aftermath of being attacked after the lacrosse championship, Sheriff Stilinski sends Stiles go and spend the summer with his sister Felicity in Starling City. Oliver and Diggle are very curious about Felicity’s baby brother, and want to help him….but then Stiles’ past in Beacon Hills folows him to Starling City.

All righty then, that’s the end. As always, if followers have any fics that they really love that fit this ask and they think we should have added it, feel free to send us a message or something. 

We love you!

Enjoy the tears,

Angsty Wolf

(and, considering this post was hijacked by Fluffy Wolf, enjoy the internet hugs)

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through all these years… x

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obsessedoctavia inquired:

I stumbled onto this blog before I had even seen an episode of Teen Wolf, and I saw your mobile header and assumed it was a manip or something (I figured there was no way that was canon) but I started watching Teen Wolf a few days ago and NOPE it's completely canon. I can't believe this show.



look at all these canon moments



its like they’re meant for each other or something

(most gifs are from this gifset, others from this & this)

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